Volkswagen Golf 2.0GT TDi (170bhp) Full DPF Removal Session

VW Golf 2.0GT TDi RemappingThe Volkswagen Golf 2.0GT TDi (170bhp) Was one of the first cars we worked on many years ago when we here at DPF solutions started up. Now currently up to date we have carried out over 150 DPF removals on this type of vehicle alone. We have mastered the DPF removal for this vehicle and have had no problems once the work has been carried out.

What is the DPF?

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a filter in the exhaust system on all eco friendly diesels from 2005 onwards. This filter traps carbon soot which is created from diesel burning in the engine. This soot is stored in the filter till the filter becomes 40 -45% blocked. When it reaches this level a signal goes to the engine ECU telling it that the filter needs a regeneration. The regeneration is a process were the DPF heats up to its optimum temperature to burn these soot carbon particles. which then clears the filter out, thus lowering the emissions of diesel engines.

The common fault with this vehicle is, that when you go to buy this type of vehicle i.e with a DPF, the salesmen or dealer do not fully explain that there is a certain driving habit you need to have for a vehicle fitted with a DPF. This is that the vehicle fitted with a DPF is only suitable if the owner is doing at least 70% motorway driving, if the owner is not doing 70% motorway driving then you will definitely have this problem even if you get the filter replaced. Also whilst this regeneration is taking place it is best to drive in 4th gear with the revs at 2500 rpm, this allows the DPF to complete a full regeneration.

What tends to happen is no one explains this to the owner, and were say for example the owner only drives in town completing short journeys, this does not give the DPF enough time or heat for the regeneration process to take place, thus you end up with a blocked DPF.

What are symptoms of a blocked DPF?

Loss of power/ No throttle responseVW Golf GT TDI Remap

Glow plug / Filter light / Engine management light illuminated on dashboard

Poor fuel consumption

Hard to start/ Poor pick up in speed

Limp mode (wont rev over 3000 rpm)

Fault code: P242F, P0471, 18434 & 08194 etc

Engine starts but eventually cuts out

Engine wont start

What can I expect from DPF Solutions?

Here at DPF Solutions we are glad to say that we can remove the DPF (DPF Off), this is done by the following 4 steps:

  • First of all we use genuine dealer diagnostics (VAG com) to delete all error codes relating to the DPF
  • Secondly we remove the filter from the exhaust
  • Thirdly we program your engine ECU, deleting the DPF file structure, and stopping the car from regenerating
  • And last but most important, we fine tune your diesel injectors so the car runs more economically and will not smoke, this guarantees a MOT pass!!

DPF ProgramingOnce we have completed the full DPF removal session you will have no more dashboard lights relating to the DPF, no more Limp mode, no more regenerations and you can expect better economy and full power.

If you would like us to resolve this issue for you or you just need some advice please don’t hesitate to call our office on 0871 2887 666 or from a mobile call Gary on 07849 520 581, we are always here to help.


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