Volkswagen Crafter DPF Removal (DPF OFF) Session

VW Crafter DPF RemovalThe Volkswagen Crafter is a truly great example of a van for all practical needs, and it is also a joy to drive until you come across to a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter also known as the DPF. This can cause a lot of problems an grief if you don’t know much about this filter.

The DPF (Diesel Particulate filter) is similar to a CAT, as in it is a filter in the exhaust system, but the difference between the two is that the DPF traps carbon particles within this filter. Once this filter has trapped over 40% of carbon matter, the engine ECU tells the filter to do a regeneration. Which is when the temperature of the filter reaches its optimum level to burn away the trapped carbon matter. This tends to take anything between 10 to 15 mins. As a owner of a perfectly running VW Crafter you may notice sometimes you get a puff of whitish smoke come out the exhaust, this is when the regeneration process is taking place. It is advised that when the vehicle is going through this process the best is to take it for a 50-60 mile run down the motorway in 4th gear revving at 2500rpm for this process to be completed.

Once this filter begins to get blocked over 40% the regeneration process will not work, reason being the more carbon soot that is trapped in the filter the higher the temperature needs to reach to carry out a regeneration. Thus you are left with a blocked filter. Normally when the filter is over blocked (regeneration fails) the car tends to go in to what they call a LIMP HOME MODE (Limp Mode). This is a safety feature on the vehicle which does not allow the engine to rev over 2500 – 3000 rpm, this is so no other damage is caused to the engine. Limp mode makes the vehicle feel really sluggish and in some case the exhaust blows out thick smoke, also 3 lights tend to illuminate on the dashboard they are:

  • Engine LightVW Crafter DPF Resolved
  • Coil Light
  • Filter Light

When these 3 lights are illuminated it is that time to either have it replaced (£1800-£3000 inc labour) or get it completely removed at a fraction of that cost.

Here at DPF solutions, with our team of in house technicians we are glad to now offer a full DPF removal service on the VW Crafter.  This is carried out by the following 4 steps:

  1. We delete all existing error codes relating to the DPF
  2. We remove the actual filter from the exhaust
  3. We program the ECU to delete the DPF file structure (this deletes the DPF of the vehicle and stops the van going in to regeneration/Limp mode)
  4. We then fine tune the diesel injectors to make the vehicle run as if the vehicle did not have a DPF to start of with, this stops the car from smoking and GUARANTEES an MOT pass!!

This whole process tends to take 5-7 hours and once completed we can guarantee you will have no more dash lights, no more limp mode, no more smoke and full power. Since opening we have done over 150 VW Crafters to date and have had no problems. We are so confident with the success rate of our work that we also provide a LIFETIME warranty once we have carried out our work, so in the future if you ever have any DPF related issues then as long as it relates to the DPF we will come out an take care of it for you all under warranty.

If you would like anymore information about our removal service on the VW Crafter please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our office number is 0871 2887 666 or contact Gary on 07849 520 581. Here at DPF solution we are always happy to help.


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