Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2TD (Turbo Diesel) DPF Removal Session (DPF Off)

mitashogunAt last finally here at DPF Solutions, after a lot of hard work and long hours our in house technicians have been able to successfully complete a full DPF removal session for the Mitsubishi Shougun / L200 3.2TD with a 100% success rate.

One of the main reasons why this car has given a lot of issues for a DPF removal session to be carried out is that the set up of the DPF is a little diffrent to your average DPF on majority of vehicles. For example on your average DPF set up there is normally only 1 pressure sensor an two pressure pipes. One pressure pipe is normally before the DPF filter and the second is after the DPF filter. These pressure pipes measure the pressure in the exhaust system so they can pick up if the DPF is blocked and needs a regeneration. It is also down to this sensor that the dashboard lights illuminate to notify the owner if there’s a problem with the DPF. On the Mitsubishi Shogun/L200 3.2TD the set up is diffrent in the fact that instead of 1 pressure sensor and 2 pressure pipes, this vehicle has 2 pressure sensors and 3 pressure pipes. This second sensor and third pipe is the main reason why it was difficult to complete a DPF removal on this vehicle. This the main reason why other companies find it difficult to reprogram the engine ECM/ECU. They would normally use a program that they upload the file to and that software automatically picks up all DPF files and deletes them. Where as if this program is used to delete the Mitsubishi Shogun/L200 3.2TD DPF, it would still bring up faults relating to the DPF. This can then put the car back into Limp mode and the vehicle would smoke.

This is why we don’t use “automated software” when programming out the DPF. We do everything manually and custom, completely bespoke to your vehicle. This ensures the highest success rate because there won’t be any compatibility issues.

Also another problem we have noticed on the Mitsubishi Shogan/L200 3.2TD and most Japanese cars such as the Toyota Verso is the engine ECM/ECU is fully encrypted and difficult to get into to program, which is why it does take a little longer to complete a DPF removal on these types of vehicles.

However here at DPF Solutions after alot of hard work, our in house technicians have had a breakthrough and now we can carry out a full DPF removal session for this vehicle with a 100% success rate, this means:

  • No More DPF Warning lights                                                                         shogun2
  • No More Lack Of Power / Sharper Throttle Response
  • No More Poor Fuel consumption

And in return it will give you:

  • Better Performance
  • More MPG (Miles Per Gallon)
  • Full Power!!! 


So if you would like to go ahead will a full Custom DPF Removal session please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, and/or an instant quote on 07849 520 581 or our Head office on 0871 2887 666.

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