Mercedes Sprinter 311 2.2 / 3.0 CDi DPF Removal – Permanent Solution

Mercedes Sprinter DPF Removal
The Mercedes Sprinter 311, both the 2.2CDi and the 3.0CDi versions suffer from the blocked DPF Filter problems. The DPF on the Mercedes Sprinter 311 is very large and if you’re lucky enough to have one that hasn’t blocked up yet, you may find its a target from people who steal cats (catalytic converters).

Why would someone steal my DPF?
Because they’re easy to remove, contain precious metals and if a new unit is worth £1500+ how much do you think someone would pay for a second-hand one? – If you have your DPF stolen from your van and was being quoted £1500+ for a replacement unit, I’m sure you’d pay £500 for a second-hand unit to get you by.

My Sprinter 311 DPF is blocked, what are my options?
You’ll be told my dealerships that you have two options, the second not being available if it is completely blocked due to the risk of causing other problems – not to mention having your vehicle catch alight.

  1. Replacement DPF Filter – at a cost of £1500+ (+Labour & +VAT).
  2. Forced DPF Regeneration – this raises the temperature above 800 degrees celcius but if you’re not careful, you could cause more damage if the DPF is completely blocked.

What can DPF Solutions do for me?
We offer a more permanent solution by completely removing the DPF from the vehicle and reprogramming the engine ECU, we can guarantee that you will not experience any more DPF related issues on your Mercedes Sprinter 311. You will not experience any smoking issues, DPF related fault codes, warning lights or Limp Mode (Loss of Power).

Once the DPF is removed from your Mercedes Sprinter, you will see an instant increase in power & performance right through the rev range, a definite increase in pulling power up hills and a significant gain in fuel economy.

Replacing the DPF means you will need to drive your vehicle on motorways frequently to burn off the filter and maintain it – Removing the DPF from your Mercedes Sprinter 311 means you won’t have to do any kind of motorway driving or any particular driving style whatsoever, you can drive and maintain your vehicle like a normal diesel and never have to worry about the DPF system ever again as it will be completely de-activated.

Have a Mercedes Sprinter 311 with a blocked DPF filter problem? – then call us today on 0871 2887 666 or alternatively call 07849 520 581 from a mobile.

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8 Responses to Mercedes Sprinter 311 2.2 / 3.0 CDi DPF Removal – Permanent Solution

  1. tareq rihani says:

    Dear Sir/Madam;
    We have 30 sprinters equipped with DPF we removed the DPF in some of them and the some of them are suffering from increased engine oil level due to dilution from diesel, and white smoke while idling, do you have a solution that we can use here in Jordan, as you may know here in Jordan there is no legal requirements for euro 4 engines, if you have a modification kit of software that we can use please send us a price list for us to discuss with our management .
    A sample chassis # are: WDB9066311s222944, WDB9067331s264739, WDB9067331S264599
    Thanks and best regards.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Tareq

    Sorry for the late response,

    My colleague has sent you an email with regards to the kits we supply and pricing.

    Kind Regards


  3. Tony Paxton says:

    Hi, i live in Edmonton AB Canada, i have a 2007 Sprinter and i just want rid of this DPF. i am having a loss of power on inclines and in head winds, my rev’s drom and i constantly have to lift and move throttle pedal to stop this, i also notice a performance issue and want to elliminate the dpf. Can you guys help.

  4. admin says:

    Hello Tony

    Thank you for your enquiry,

    We’ve sent you an email with some prices. Any queries, please come back to me.

    Kind Regards


  5. Billy says:

    Hi I have an 08 plate sprinter with the same problem lots of smoke and oil level rising how much would it cost to remove the PDF and re map the ecu

  6. admin says:

    Hi Billy

    Sorry for late response,

    Have sent you an email with full pricing & information.

    Kind Regards


  7. Ron Kurian says:

    2014 Mercedes sprinter 3.0 cdi
    DEF DPF delete ?
    can you help

  8. Jason says:

    Hi Ron

    Thanks for the enquiry,

    We have sent you an email, please reply with your postal code so that we can customise a quotation for you.

    Kind Regards


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