Fiat 500 Multi-Jet 1.3D FAP / DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal Service

Fiat 500 Diesel Particle Filter RemovalThe Fiat 500 1.3 Diesel Multi-Jet is a great little car and surprise surprise, it comes fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) also known as a FAP. Many tuners across the country are yet trying to find a way to remove this filter because much like the Mazda 6 it’s a major issue. These cars are very new and even just one year after coming out of the factory they are beginning to have problems – that’s right, even the 2009 models!

As you may know we work very closely with SINSPEED and we’re proud to announce the release of the latest DPF removal software allowing us to remove the Fiat 500 1.3 Multi-Jet DPF from the car with a 100% success rate.

Common symptoms of a Fiat 500 DPF failure on this vehicle include:

  • DPF Light On
  • Engine Light On
  • Glow Plug Light On (constant)
  • Glow Plug Light On (flashing)
  • Traction Control Light On
  • Loss Of Power (LIMP MODE)
  • Various Fault Codes: Differential Pressure Sensor / Ash Accumulation / Particulate Soot / Regeneration Failure etc..

All these faults point to a failing Diesel Particle Filter and won’t clear unless you successfully reburn (regenerate) the particle filter and even then, you’ll be holding your breath for the day it comes back again. You could also replace the filter and clear the fault codes, this should also turn any lights off and bring the vehicle out of LIMP HOME MODE but again you’ll be waiting for the day it fails again.. they’re renowned for failing so why spend a fortune and give it the opportunity to happen again?

Once we’ve removed the filter and reprogrammed the Engine Control Module, the problem is extinct, it will never again be an issue and this is guaranteed 100% – No other company can offer this service and no other company can offer this guarantee.. why? Because we are the leaders in DPF removals and are constantly working to find solutions for newer models of vehicles with Diesel Particle Filter problems that currently no other company offer a solution for.


Read up on the full Fiat 500 1.3D Multi-Jet DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) Removal Service article or call us on 0871 2887 666 today for more information.

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