EDC17 & MED17 ECU New Tricore Software Release Puts Strain On Mobile ECU Remapping & ECU Reprogramming Via The OBD-II Port

The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port was first introduced to the automotive market in the early 1980’s as a way to communicate with the vehicle’s ECU system. The OBD-II port is an upgrade & an improvement to the OBD-I port both in capability and standardization. We won’t go into it so much, but all newer cars from 1997 onwards will have an OBD-II port offering an extensible list of DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

When tuning the Engine ECU, tuners prefer the ability to flash the ECU with a remapped file via the OBD port as a pose to chip-tuning on a bench. This is because when chip-tuning, it is a lot more involved and in most cases will require de-soldering and re-soldering the EPROM chip from the PCB. Almost all cars from 2000+ can be remapped and tuned via their OBD port, meaning an ECU can be tuned in as little as 45minutes to an hour. The cost of course is considerably reduced as well.

Unfortunately for most, this stream of income and line of business is coming to an end. Many cars, especially BMW’s 2007+ are all being updated with the new release of the Tri-Core software update which is compatible across all EDC17 & MED17 Bosch ECU’s. If your vehicle has been into the main dealer recently or even had it’s software updated via a mobile electrician who has access to the latest softwares & drivers and you’re now having trouble gaining access to it’s fuel/injection system via the OBD port then it’s more than likely that you’ve had a TriCore update and it’s locking you out.

We’ve worked around this update and can continue to work with these ECU’s, however, they will have to be bench-flashed and bench-tested which obviously takes a little longer as it involves physically removing the ECU from the vehicle and opening it up. In many cases, it will involve removing the BDM chip / EPROM chip from the PCB so that it can be read and written to directly. Sometimes, you can isolate these chips on-board saving a lot of time and hassle.

We have no restrictions working with Tricore ECU’s, it takes a little longer but we’re more than happy to take on the extra work which other mobile agents are unable to carry out.

This does also affect the DPF market, because the same way a vehicle is remapped, the DPF system is turned off when reprogramming the ECU but again, it’s not a problem that will stand in our way. Yesterday, we successfully completed the DPF Removal Session on a BMW 1 Series 2007 model which was taken into the Main dealer only a week ago for a diagnosis of it’s DPF faults – the dealership plugged in their machine and updated the ECU software automatically whilst carrying out a diagnostics of the occurring problems.

So, you may not know you’ve got the new Tricore software until you attempt to have it remapped. If you or your agent runs into any problems, you can always rely on us to get around them for you, send your ECU in with details of the sender, the vehicle and the service required and we’ll bypass the Tricore system and carry out a fully extensive programming session for you – whether it be for speed limiter removals, remapping for power/economy, DPF removal and so on.

We can also work directly on the vehicle, saving you the time & hassle of having to have the ECU removed and sent up to us. Depending on your location we can also offer a collect & return service too so call us on 0871 2887 666 and find out how we can help you today.

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