BMW 320D /325D /330D /335D DPF Removal Service (DPF-Delete)

bmw-330d-m-sportsaloonHere at DPF Solutions we have been carrying out DPF Removal services on all types of vehicles since 2007. In particular the BMW range of vehicles. The 3 series range is such a greatly designed car and a beauty to drive. It is only when you come across the DPF fault which brings a draw back in design on a great vehicle.

The DPF filter on the BMW range tend to get blocked through a malfunction on the ECU, whereby it tends to fail regenerations because of false pressure calculations within the DPF filter received by the ECU. Which in turn fails to regenerate the DPF filter at set intervals, thus causing the filter to get blocked beyond economical repair. When the DPF tends to get blocked this badly even a forced regeneration does not tend to work. Even if a forced regeneration does switch the light off at the first instant the light tends to come back on after a couple hundred miles as the filter has already been too far damaged.

Here at DPF solutions we advise to get this fault with a blocked DPF either replaced which works out to be very expensive, or have it removed totally at a fraction of the cost. This should be done as soon as you get any warnings, as a blocked filter in turn can cause bigger and more expensive problems on the vehicle.

When the DPF filter is blocked gasses are not able to pass through the filter which causes more back pressure on the turbo, this then puts strain on the turbo seals and causes them to fail and leak oil,  in time this will cause the turbo charger to fail completely leaving the owner with another expensive repair. When the turbocharger fails this allows gasses to pass through the turbo into the engine which then contaminates the oil and eventually over pressurises the engine and can cause engine oil seals to fail as well as injector seals. This is commonly known as Carbon-backup and is caused by a blocked DPF filter.

The advantage of having the DPF removed is you will never have any DPF related problems ever again and once again can enjoy driving such a beautiful machine without incurring costly repairs or anticipating when this problem may re-occur in the future.

Is your car currently suffering from any of the following DPF faults?

  • Loss Of Power / No Throttle Response                                                 IMG_0301
  • Glow Plug / Engine Management Light Illuminated On Dash
  • Poor Fuel Consumption
  • Particulate Filter Fault On Screen
  • Particulate Emission Filter Overload
  • Hard To Start & Slow Pick-Up in Speed
  • Limp Mode (Will Not Rev Over 3000RPM)
  • Following Fault Codes: 480A, 481A,P242F etc…
  • Engine Starts & Eventually Cuts Out
  • Engine Fails To Start
  • Turbo Leaks & Carbon Build Up

We are pleased to say that here at DPF Solutions our in-house technicians have mastered the DPF removal service for the BMW and this service is offered with a Lifetime warranty and a guaranteed MOT pass. Once the DPF is removed, you will gain many benefits such as:

  • Increased Power & Performance
  • Sharper Throttle Response
  • Increase In Fuel Economy
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Turbocharger
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Engine
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Injectors
  • No More Limp Mode!
  • No More DPF Faults!
  • No More Warning Lights!

P1090653Simultaneously we can also remap your vehicle to increase performance and economy even further. On average a Turbo-Diesel BMW will gain 45-65Bhp + 75-100Nm of torque and 20-25% increase in fuel economy from a Stage 1 remap when combining it with our DPF Removal solution, which in turn will smooth out any flat spots right through the rev range.

For further information and an instant quote please call Gary on 07849 520 581 or our Head Office on 0871 2887 666.

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