Audi A5 3.0TDi Quattro (240hp) 2007/2008+ DPF Removal

Audi A5 Quattro Diesel Particulate Filter RemovalThe Audi A5 3.0TDi Quattro with 240hp has to be one of the nicest cars we’ve worked on and we’re not just saying that because of the sheer beauty of the car either. The DPF is situated at the back of the engine against the bulkhead right after the turbocharger. This type of setup is most common (having it right after the turbo) as this is where the temperature is at it’s highest and the DPF works only in HOT conditions, however, they’re still failing none the less.

The Audi A5 we had come in to us was a 2008 model (57 plate) and had the DPF regenerated by the Audi Main Dealer but after a month of being back on the road, the light came back on.

The total time taken for the DPF removal session on this Audi A5 was 5hrs and that includes the programming and diesel injection tuning as well.

Audi A5 Diesel Filter ProblemsWe start first by reprogramming the ECU to turn off the DPF settings, this will then allow the vehicle to start & drive without the engine management light or DPF light being illuminated on the dash. It will also prevent the vehicle from falling into LIMP MODE due to the DPF blockage. Once we’ve reprogrammed the ECU, we begin physically removing the DPF box from the exhaust system.

Being situated at the back of the engine, there is quite a bit involved in removing it because there’s a lot of sensors on this car and you really don’t want to knock one of them as you’re lifting it out. Β It’s best to remove both under guards as well as the subframe because there are bolts which are better accessed from underneath the car and it will make things a lot easier when putting the DPF box back together.

Audi A5 Quattro DPF ProblemsOnce removed, we then secured the DPF box in our industrial pillar drill. This is where the brains come in. Our engineers will take precise internal bore dimensions from both ends of the existing exhaust system and then calculate the correct bore size required for optimum results. We’ll then proceed to bore out the unit on our industrial pillar drill to the specification required.

Once that process is complete, we then put the DPF box in our industrial parts washer and to finish up it is hand cleaned and blown dry to ensure all debris is removed prior to refitting the box back to the vehicle.

Once the box is refitted and the car is fitted back up, we then leave the vehicle to run for 5-10 minutes until it reaches the ideal working temperature at which point we then take it for a test drive, making notes of any flat spots in the revs and a smoke test.

Audi A5 3.0TDi Quattro DPF RemovalThe final part of this process is fine tuning the diesel injection system. This allows us to smooth out any flat spots and optimise the diesel injection system to match the airflow rate of the exhaust system to ensure that it doesn’t cause the vehicle to smoke. This is crucial to ensure the vehicle doesn’t smoke so that it can pass the MOT with no problems.

Once the fine tuning is complete, we take the vehicle on a final test drive and confirm the results. The customer requested we fine tuned his vehicle for economy over power as you can imagine it is already a very fast car. However, the end results confirmed a minimum of 35bhp increase with 10-12mpg better fuel economy.

Overall, it was a very exciting car to work on and the customer was pleasantly surprised at the increase in both power & economy and all in all much better performance.

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  2. Audi girl says:

    5 hours is pretty reasonable… I guess i'd need around 10+ hrs to do this!

  3. dpfsolutions says:

    The first may be a struggle as you familiarise yourself with the setup but after that you get used to it, we\’ve done just over 60 Audi A5 DPF removals now already. If you like, you can always pop it in to us πŸ˜‰

  4. H Dhesi says:

    Hi there.

    For an ECU remap and DFP removal and everything else all in, how much would it cost?

  5. syed says:

    Hi, how much do you charge to do this? I have the an a5 3.0tdi and having the engine management light come on.

  6. Russ Dakin says:

    Might you have a scrap DPF for this 3.0 TDI? I'd like to get my hands on one to disassemble and sleeve it with a stainless pipe. It would be appropriate for me to keep my existing one in case Mr VOSA changes the goal posts on MOT standards in the future.

  7. dpfsolutions says:


    We've dropped our prices but don't advertise them online – email us to find out.

    DPF Solutions

  8. dpfsolutions says:

    Hi Syed,

    Not had as expensive as you'd think, we've got a great promotion on, email us for more information.

    DPF Solutions

  9. dpfsolutions says:

    Hi Russ,

    Sorry no scrap parts around, if it's done right you will be within the factory standards for the emissions / smoke on your vehicle via a smoke-correction service as offered by us & Sinspeed Ltd.

    DPF Solutions

  10. Graham Eland says:


    Can you email the price for an a5 coupe 57 plate dpf removal and engine remap please

    Thank you

  11. Mark Wortley says:

    Hi, I have an Audi a5 3.0 tdi and would like you to take out the dpf removal process as my light coming on constantly and going into limp mode is driving me potty.

    How much will this cost me. Mark

  12. dpfsolutions says:

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry we don't always monitor the comments as we get bombarded with a lot of spam but we've recently managed to resolve the issues and will continue to monitor all comments. If you still require our help, please contact us for details.

  13. dpfsolutions says:

    Hi Graham,

    Really sorry we couldn't reply sooner, we never used to monitor the comments due to spam but we're on top of it now. Hope you got your car sorted πŸ™‚

  14. Mario P says:

    How much to remove dpf and reprogramme on audi a5 3.0tdi capa engine?

  15. admin says:

    Hello Mario

    Thank you for your enquiry,

    We’ve sent you an email with some prices. Any queries, please come back to me.

    Kind Regards


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